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We have items unique to the Biwako Hotel Shop themed around Shiga Prefecture’s local products and foods of the natural countryside. Tanada rice served at restaurants and the hotel’s original sake are popular. Pick up a nice souvenir, allowing you to truly take home a piece of Shiga.

8:00-20:00 (Open year round)



We have an outdoor pool in the shape of Lake Biwa with a maximum length of 26 meters and width of 20 meters. Because it is divided into shallow (0.6 m) and deep (1.2 m) areas, you may swim safely with small children.
At the poolside, enjoy a luxurious resort feel while looking out at Lake Biwa.
*Open in the summer only.
*Additional fees apply.  Please inquire for details.
*Available for the guests staying in our hotel.


Rooftop Terrace


We invite you to experience relaxation and harmony with the blessings of the natural environment. Enjoy the superb location where the magnificent Lake Biwa and mountains of Hiei and Hira expand before your eyes.



[Guidelines for Use]
・Only hotel guests are admitted.
・We may limit entry to the observation platform or change our hours due to weather conditions or facility maintenance.
・Eating, drinking, smoking, dangerous or troublesome behavior, and bringing in dangerous objects are prohibited.
*Closed during the fireworks display, events, building maintenance, etc.

Internet Connection

If you bring a built-in wireless LAN computer, tablet device, smartphone, etc., you can use our free Wi-Fi service in the guest room, lobby (2F/3F), restaurants, and banquet halls. High quality LAN cables are also available at the banquet hall.
*Some fees may apply; Only wireless LAN is available in the Japanese banquet hall.
*The password will be provided at the front desk.

Flower Shop

Chikiriya Garden (1F)

How about sending a floral gift to that special someone for an anniversary or to show your gratitude? We recommend a dinnertime surprise or even a memorable souvenir in the guest room according to your desired date and time. Tell us about the recipient, preferences, purpose, and more so that we can make the perfect gift according to your wishes.
*Bouquets are available from one flower, and arrangements are available from ¥3,000.
*Tax is not included in the prices shown.

Monday,Thursday,Friday 10:00-17:00
Saturday,Sunday,Holiday 10:00-18:00


Outfit Salon


We support a precious once-in-a-lifetime ceremony with a rich lineup of original dresses, color dresses, and kimonos. We also have a large selection of outfits for men and reception guests.

Monday,Friday 11:00-16:00
Saturday,Sunday,Holiday 10:00-18:00


Photo Studio


Have a professional photographer take photos for a special anniversary or family portraits.

10:00-18:00 *By reservation