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Your Time at Our Hotel

Spend special time with special people from check-in to check-out

Treasure precious moments spent with your loved ones at the nature-rich Biwako Hotel. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, let yourself go with the gentle flow of time, and become a part of the environs of Lake Biwa during your stay.

First Day 1PM

Start your trip with a majestic Lake Biwa cruise

The Michigan Cruise provides a delightful 360-degree panoramic view of Lake Biwa. You can also enjoy meals on board while indulging in the seasonal countenances of the lake.

First Day 3PM

Explore the hotel vicinity by rental bicycle!

After check-in, rent a bicycle and explore the area around the hotel. While feeling the comfortable lakeside breeze, discover the charms of the area that may go unnoticed from a car, such as the changing scenery of Lake Biwa, the rich flora and fauna, and the remnants of the Old Tokaido townscape.

First Day 7PM

A special dinner to embellish your day

Enjoy a memorable dinner with a variety of Japanese and Western dishes. At Teppanyaki Ohmi, satisfy your palate with Omi beef, seafood, vegetables from Shiga Prefecture, and more served as a teppanyaki kaiseki course. Seasonal ingredients and visually appealing dishes are offered at Japanese Cuisine Ohmi. Italian and buffet selections are also available if you are interested in Western cuisines.

First Day 9PM

Melt away fatigue at Ruri Onsen overlooking the lake

Ruri Onsen boasts smooth hot spring water and a view of Lake Biwa spreading out below. The Lake Biwa nightscape beyond the window offers comfort and relaxation for your mind and body. We also recommend our open-air bath where you can fully appreciate the openness of Lake Biwa together with the refreshing natural breeze along with our sauna (male: dry / female: mist) to soothe the fatigue from your trip.

Second Day 8AM

An energy-charging breakfast of local ingredients

Wake up to a beautiful morning with breakfast, one of the great joys of traveling. Relax and enjoy the majestic view of Lake Biwa from oversized windows. We offer a buffet with a variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.

Second Day 11AM

Extend your experience after checkout with easy access to various sightseeing spots!

Take in the spectacular view of Lake Biwa from Biwako Valley, and explore MIHO MUSEUM popular for its photogenic modern architecture. Experience profound culture and history at famous temples such as the World Heritage Site Enryakuji on Mt. Hiei, Miidera famous for its cherry blossoms, and Ishiyamadera, a temple of flowers showcasing the beauty of the four seasons.