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Large Banquet Hall

A large banquet hall overlooking the lake from the foyer, Ruri’s luxurious chandelier and furnishings are inspired by the bottom of the lake inhabited by tens of thousands of migratory fish.
Professional staff operate the sound and lighting equipment from the booth on the 4th floor. The hall is fully equipped with high-performance equipment for dinner shows and can be divided into three sections according to your purpose and number of guests.

Audio equipment
24-channel/32-channel audio mixer, line array speaker/ceiling speaker, CD/MD player, cassette deck, wired microphone, wireless microphone, lavalier microphone (lapel mic)

Lighting equipment
48-channel/72-channel lighting control console, 6 pin spotlights, 12 lighting battens, 5 theatrical battens

Temporary power supply
Foyer/E/C 1Φ3w Maximum 20kW W 1Φ3w Maximum 10kW

Other facilities & equipment
Screen/Maximum 4.0×4.0; hanging signboard/1 span 0.9×5.4, 2 spans and more 0.9×7.2; banner printing/0.8×3.0 (hung from batten); stage/1.2×2.4 (height 0.4) Maximum 18 pieces; standing signboard for the main entrance/0.9×1.8; program /0.9×1.8

High-speed internet connection
*Wiring and electrical work may be required depending on the number and location of equipment and other conditions.

Capacity Chart


Medium Banquet Hall

The ceiling equipped with RGB color lighting changes the atmosphere for each occasion. The square hall where participants can feel a sense of unity offers space for a stylish yet friendly party.

Cobalt / Brown / Orange / Green / White

Small Banquet Hall

Freely arrange this hall for sectional meetings and administrative offices for large meetings, waiting rooms, and small parties. A panoramic view of Lake Biwa spreads from the wood deck.


Japanese Banquet Hall

This stately, expansive Japanese-style banquet room with 126 tatami mats is appointed with a stage and a veranda overlooking Lake Biwa. It can be separated for use in two sections.


Japanese Banquet Hall

A good size for 30 to 50 guests, this hall is perfect for everything from high-quality banquets to dinners with family and relatives.


Japanese Banquet Hall

Use this hall for gatherings of 20 to 30 guests, such as dinner with family and friends, debutante parties, and small reunions.


Japanese Banquet Hall

Here is a calm room for 10 to 20 guests ideal for company banquets and dining after memorial services.


Japanese Banquet Hall



A lush Japanese-style garden expands outside this modern Japanese party room with a high ceiling.