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Hyakunin Isshu Cocktails

Bar Bel Lago started offering Hyakunin Isshu Cocktails (named after an ancient anthology of 100 Japanese poems) in September 2017 to commemorate the 1,350th anniversary of the transfer of the capital of Japan to Otsu. The town of Otsu, a mecca of Karuta (playing cards with the poems written on them) originated in 667 when Emperor Tenji moved the capital to Omi Otsu Palace. Emperor Tenji is known for composing the opening poem of the Hyakunin Isshu, and the connection has led to the establishment of the Omi Jingu Shrine dedicated to Emperor Tenji at the Omi Otsu Palace Ruins. The shrine is known as the Hall of Fame of Karuta. Through this cocktail, please enjoy the world view of the Hyakunin Isshu and take the opportunity to learn about the culture, history, and charm of the city of Otsu.