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Premier Luxury Floor Vista

Floor 4

“Vista” is our Premier Luxury Floor with four rooms in all, each featuring an “airy bath” with a view of the scenery beyond the bedroom. Enjoy a local Lake Biwa experience as only available here.

Private check-in and welcome drink

Check in smoothly with our private check-in service exclusively available on the Premier Luxury Floor Vista. Refresh yourself with sweets and Shiga’s Asamiya tea served in “miracle” ceramic teaware by Hinode Kiln’s master potter, Masao Iwasaki, who also has a gallery in Otsu City.

Delight in seasonal local sake served in local sakeware

Seasonal local sake is specially selected for Vista guests from breweries of Shiga – the Lake Country, a reservoir of excellent sake. We also recommend enjoying Omi sake served in local Shigaraki ware or Kurokabe glassware in the Airy Bath (view bath) as if you were soaking in the magnificent scenery itself.
*Local sake is available at exclusive prices for Vista guests.

Minibar with a lineup of local specialty drinks

Our minibar is furnished with a variety of drinks unique to Shiga Prefecture, such as Biwako Cider and Koka Cola.
*Some fees apply.
*Contents may vary due to factors such as product availability.

Exclusive amenities ~ PANPURI ~

Our rooms come complete with luxury amenities by PANPURI, which combines the taste of the Orient cultivated in Thailand with 100% natural ingredients to draw out your inherent health and beauty.
*Contents may vary due to factors such as product availability.


Choose a scent to suit your mood with this exceptional air purifier with aroma diffuser functions.

Foot massagers and wireless portable speakers are among the special items offered to help you relax.