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Superior Floor Natura

Floors 5 and 6

Stay in comfort in the simplicity that maximizes the natural view as if you were relaxing with family and friends in your holiday home.

Abundant Japanese and Western buffet prepared in an open kitchen

At our breakfast buffet, enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Biwa from the oversized windows and a buffet with an abundant selection of Japanese and Western menus. In the expansive open kitchen, enjoy as much as you’d like of Shiga’s local ingredients produced for local consumption.

Flexible, functional room arrangement

A guest room is no longer just a bedroom as the room is arranged like a junior suite with the beds facing Lake Biwa to create a boundary between the living room and the bedroom. You can enjoy comfort out of bed as if you were staying in a suite. For three or more guests, beds are placed in the middle of the room. Twin basins in the washroom offer convenience for getting ready when staying as a group.

Experience nature with beds facing the lake

Lie down in bed, look up at the sky, and enjoy time flow more leisurely than usual, or chat with family and friends over tea in the living space. The simple, minimalist room sets an atmosphere where people and nature stand out in your memories. Enjoy a calmingly fulfilling holiday for your heart.

Original art

Common reed called ‘yoshi’ reminiscent of the original scenery of Shiga is used in the wall art composed of five rings representing Lake Biwa and its four islands (Oki, Okinoshiraishi, Chikubu, and Take) to express the rich natural environment, breath of life, and bursting vitality. An entire wall is treated as a work or art, making the most of the burls and grains of elm wood to add natural warmth to the room.