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11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:00)
17:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:00)

※closed on Wednesdays

Here is our main dining hall that adds originality to the traditions of Japan. We serve seasonal Hakoniwa Hassun and soup stock made with carefully selected ingredients – cuisine devoted to technique and hospitality.


Funazushi is a specialty dish of Shiga Prefecture.
At the Biwako Hotel, we offer homemade funazushi prepared by the head chef every year. Enjoy the creamy texture of the egg and the deep rich flavor. Funazushi is also recommended with red wine.

Japanese modern interior

The modern Japanese restaurant is decorated with a motif of Omi’s natural features, such as the gentle mountain range of Hiei and the ripples across the lake. Feel the nature of Shiga with walls around the kappo counter adorned with Lake Biwa reeds and the view of the lake.

Our numerous hand selected ingredients

The foundation of Japanese cuisine lies in golden dashi stock. Through many trials, we have created a unique OHMI soup stock made with the finest ingredients carefully selected by our head chef. We cook flavorsome rice grown in tanadas (terraced rice paddies) in an iron pot. The “Foods of the Satoyama” project was launched to promote local production for local consumption based on environmental conservation of the local satoyama area between foothills and villages. Tanada rice, sweet due to the difference in temperature between day and night, and grown in the clayey mountain soil with clear water flowing from the mountains, is cooked to fluffy perfection. The local sakes of the 33 breweries of the Lake Country, a reservoir of excellent sake, are made with water and rice suited for sake brewing. Complement your meal with our selection of Japanese sake from Shiga’s 33 breweries and original sake “Satoyama Sake no Shizuku” made with Tanada rice.

Private Rooms : Botan / Tsutsuji / Ayame

An Omi merchant’s residence is the motif of three private rooms. The sliding shoji screen affords a view of the garden that expresses ripples on the surface of the lake.