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Teppanyaki OHMI

11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:00)
17:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:00)

※closed on Wednesdays

Fine meats are teppanyaki grilled in a Kaiseki style course. One of the three major Japanese Wagyu, Omi Beef, is featured along with a colorful variety of seasonal seafood and ingredients of Shiga.

Omi beef

One of the three finest wagyu beef in Japan, Omi beef is characterized by fat that melts in your mouth, a rich aroma, and tender meat. The velvety beef that instantly melts in your mouth is served with refreshing grated raw wasabi and garlic soy sauce. Also enjoy it with crispy garlic chips.
*The beef in all our menus can be changed to Omi beef as an option.

Lively counter seats

Be entertained with “Japanese Teppanyaki” as teppanyaki techniques are integrated with hospitality cultivated by kaiseki cuisine. Enjoy the sounds and aromas of teppanyaki, rich savory flavors, and dynamism of the sizzling ingredients.

Omi beef and dishes featuring locally produced ingredients offered kaiseki style

Fill your mouth with the mellow flavor of high-quality meat served kaiseki style. Savor seasonal seafoods, Shiga-grown vegetables and other ingredients, and Omi beef in dishes that emphasize local production for local consumption. We also have a wide selection of international wines and local sakes of Shiga Prefecture.