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Biwako Vally and Biako Terrace

Adventure Spot with Sky Walker, Biwako Terrace, Activities and Attractions

At Biwako Valley, climb to an altitude of 1,100 meters on Japan’s fastest ropeway that stretches 1,783 meters and has an altitude variation of 783 meters. You can even see faraway Osaka from the cabin surrounded 360 degrees by glass. The views of Lake Biwa during the ride and from the summit are spectacular. It is also a famous sightseeing spot for daffodils and fall foliage.

What's a walk in the sky all about?

You can climb to the 1,100-meter summit of Biwako Valley on the fastest ropeway in Japan. On the 1,783-meter ride with an altitude variation of 783 meters, you can even see Osaka in the distance from the cabin with glass windows all around. The view during the ride is excellent while the view of Lake Biwa from the summit is absolutely breathtaking! It is a must-see for visitors to Lake Biwa.

I heard about a field out in nature...

Biwako Valley offers seasonal views of nature. It’s definitely a spot for viewing cherry blossoms in spring! Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed for a long time as 1,000 cherry blossom trees lining the path fully bloom at different time periods depending on the altitude. 300,000 daffodils in early May, rhododendrons and primroses in late May, pampas grass in September, and fall leaves in October – experience the seasons that nature has to offer!

An amazing sky walk at an elevation of 1,100 meters

Sky Walker – heavenly athletics at an altitude of 1,100 meters. Have a scenic yet thrilling adventure as you walk from tree to tree while clearing traps several meters above ground as you listen to the birds singing in the forest. An athletic experience 1,100 meters above sea level puts this attraction above all others in the Kansai region! And the beautiful scenery invites even more thrills!

Biwako Terrace

Located in Biwako Valley, the Biwako Terrace is a mountaintop terrace boasting a superb view of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. Enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Biwa from the open wooden deck of the Grand Terrace and North Terrace, and from Cafe 360.