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Miidera Temple

One of Omi’s Eight Views “Evening Bell at Mii”

Miidera-temple, which has a large site on the middle of Mt. Nagara in Otsu, southwest of Lake Biwa, has the official name “Nagarasan Onjoji-temple”. It is the head temple of Tendaijimonsyu-sect, which has the history of more than 1,200 years.

What's the origin of the name of the Miidera Temple?

An old historic temple named the “Temple of the Three Wells”, Miidera is said to have the sacred spring used for the first baths of three emperors – Emperor Tenji, Emperor Tenmu, and Empress Jito. The eerie burble of water can still be heard as it springs up inside the small shrine.

I heard that the temple is famous for cherry blossoms…

Selected as one of the top 10 cherry blossom spots in Japan by the Nikkei newspaper, the cherry blossoms at Miidera Temple and the Lake Biwa Canal are magnificent. Cherry blossoms and Thunberg’s meadowsweet line the canal, and in the distance, the Miidera Temple cherry blossoms bloom to the mountaintop, providing a splendid photo spot. The breathtaking beauty of the cherry blossoms lit up at night is especially unforgettable.

Isn't there a festival with an interesting name?

Every year on Saturday and Sunday in mid-May, the Sendango (1,000 dumplings) Festival is held. Even though Kishimojin had one thousand children, as she ate human children, Buddha hid her children. For the first time, Kishimojin felt the sadness of losing a child and went on to become a goddess of easy deliver and the healthy growth of children. During the festival, a plant market opens and turtles are released into the wild as prayers for the growth of children.